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Today can be called Friend Day because I spend all day chatting and going out with my friend. We welcomed Mr Hieu in the morning, we had a discussion about some plans in the future with him. Although I did not have any morning time to do my exercise and study English, I could have a good time when sharing my ideas and objectives with my close friend. At noon, after lunch, we took part in a secret online program of Tiki, Dzut Co Hon. We must click as quickly as possible and answer some easy question to achieve many good products with big discount. Unfortunately, we failed. So we decided to take a nap in order to recover ourselves (or charge our batteries). After waking up, my team (plus Mr Buoi) started to go to Bitexco Building to enjoy a film which was received a lot of good comment from film-addicted guys. Honestly, like their reviews, that film was so awesome. Ten marks for the ideas and logic of the film. From it, I realize a lot of lessons about emotions. I find myself when I was in puberty period, so spirited, complex and wild… With the happy ending, that film made my day more wonderful. (Remember to review this film in another post)

Coming back from BHD Cinema: Because of decorating milk-tea shop yesterday, I felt tired very much, I did not know when I got a sleep. This is the reason I stay up late now. It’s so difficult to work and study with Introvert while I am myself an extrovert. I intended to share anything I liked to my friends so that I and my team can improve ourselves, I try to make up with many ideas and invite my friends to work together. At first, they agree and say that it is so cool, they will support and work with me. However, day by day, the flame in their heart is not fired, they quietly quit. It can be my mistake, I use wrong methods, I choose wrong time or do wrong things… Which makes me feel uncomfortable. So, keep calm and just smile. All is well.

Make today better than yesterday, guy. The conflict will create the development. 😀


Today is quite ridiculous!

In the morning, I didn’t do anything in my job, just played game. It was shameful when I shared with my friends my project “English is Easy” and I ignored it. Playing game can make you interesting, fun but it took a lot of time. It created a wonderful environment for you to become a hero, a successful character  in game. At first, you would feel so uncomfortable because of the failures (you were a beginner and the challenge is quite difficult for newbie), time after time, you play more and realize yourself how to take over those challenges. It’s so odd because when you were a loser, you desire to win to be not angry, when you were a winner, you also wanted to play another game to prove that you are a master, a genius and you would be focus on in-game so much. So, you were more and more addicted to games. I had a long period was immersed in online game, League of Legends. I waste much time of my youth playing this game. To be honest, it’s my darkest age. I’m in crisis of study, work, love, friends,… I lost my ideals, my objectives and even “myself”. Until now, it effects me so much, I also spend a lot of time for watching replay of games but the situation is better than the past.

I write this post to remind myself: you should concentrate on studying, improving skills and living worthy. I’m young, wild and free. So, why don’t I enjoy my life by using time properly, practicing more, taking part in any group I want to study, do everything I love and especially sharing as much as possible what I have.

The first time often gives us a deep impression. I think I will improve my writing skills to catch the chances in the future.

Practice makes progress!